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Extreme Makeover

Worn Teeth

Extreme Makeover
Patient AR

Patient AR has been embarrassed by his smile for a long time but has not had the time or money to rectify this, being a single Father putting two sons through private school.  He was already middle-aged and now wanted a nice smile to complement his healthy body.  And he wanted it yesterday.


  • severe bruxism / tooth wear

  • old broken down & discoloured fillings

  • missing back teeth

  • off-colour crown

  • uneven gum heights


  • crowns to rebuild and protect tooth structure

  • implants to replace extracted molars

  • nightguard to minimise tooth wear

Worn teeth, discoloured filling


Zirconia crowns, implant replacements


Patient Y

Patient Y is like the quintessential American but her Mom & Dad could never afford braces, given she was one of many brothers and sisters.  She had always wanted straighter and whiter teeth, which would complement her darker complexion.  She decided this was her time for her own Extreme Makeover.


  • severely rotated front teeth

  • congenitally missing tooth

  • generalised toothbrush wear

  • less than optimal teeth shape

  • discoloured teeth / crown margins


  • orthodontic treatment (braces) for realignment

  • porcelain veneers to correct shape

  • composites to replace worn enamel

Crooked and worn teeth


Braces, porcelain veneers, composite veneers



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