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Fillings & Inlays

Composite Fillings

At Surrey Hills Dental Centre, we are amalgam-free because there are superior ways to fill your tooth or restore damage brought on by decay, trauma or inherited defects.  Our time-proven techniques are individually formulated for you, so you receive the best restorations for your given situation.

Chipped / broken front tooth in sport accident
Front tooth after composite filling


Further to our predictable techniques, we also use the finest materials to ensure a beautiful tooth-coloured restoration.  As a result, composites strengthen and aesthetically blend in with your existing tooth, so they are barely visible.  Inquire about why & how you can replace those silver amalgam fillings.

Worn teeth from attrition


Front teeth after composite filling




Have you been told by your dentist you need a crown but were wondering whether there is another long-term alternative? Inlays are excellent filling replacements, without the unnecessary reduction of sound tooth structure.

Inlays can be made of a variety of materials including porcelain and gold.  However, they are technically more demanding and possibly more time-consuming than crowns.  So ask yourself:  is the health of my tooth worth getting a second opinion?

Porcelain Inlay (Before).jpg


Porcelain Inlay (After).jpg


old amalgam filling


gold filling / restoration or inlay



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