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Root Canal Treatment

Simple - Single Canal

'I had my front tooth knocked in an accident', 'The cavity in my eye tooth was deep'.  Sound all too familiar?  Chances are there will be a nerve problem in future in the damaged tooth. 

Ever considered what your smile would be like after extraction of a front tooth?

Teeth can be irreversibly inflamed from decay, trauma or excessive pressure over a long period of time.  This is because they have limited ability to repair themselves.

Root canal treatment is the solution to save your tooth!

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Complex - Multiple Canals

Do you have a raging toothache or an ache that never seems to go away?  You may have a nerve problem…

Consider saving your tooth because alternative replacements can be more costly.  More importantly, the loss of a tooth is like the loss of an organ of the body – changes occur.


There are straightforward cases and then, there are teeth with curly, tricky multiple canals.  

Multiple Root Canals.png

Radiograph of successful complex root canal treatment

(courtesy of Dr. Peter Spili, Melbourne Endodontics)


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