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Extreme Makeover

Missing / Extracted Teeth

Extreme Makeover
Patient AN

Patient AN being an adolescent growing up fast, knew he would be going through one of those rites of passage - needing braces as a teenager.  But unlike the usual crowding, he had spacing.

Dad was also unaware that his son was missing an adult tooth.  Having not finished with his growth so an implant not being possible at this stage, it would not be fitting for this future school captain to wear a denture.


  • unaesthetic spacing & gaps across all front teeth

  • congenitally missing lateral incisor

  • narrow lateral incisor on other side of upper jaw

  • anterior crossbite


  • orthodontic treatment (braces) to create space

  • bridge to replace missing front tooth

  • crown to balance tooth appearance on other side of upper jaw

  • composite addition to complete space closure

Teeth not straight, missing tooth, small tooth


Braces, bridge, crown


Patient T

Patient T was not in any pain and had no concerns so little wonder was it, that he needed to be dragged to the dentist by his partner.  No ache = no problems, right? 


Little did Patient T know how much he was compromising and had been putting up with lack of teeth for over 15 years.  Ask him now and he may  tell you about how enjoyable his steak is, to go with a glass of red.  We'll say 'Cheers' to that!  


  • broken teeth & retained remains of roots

  • multiple extracted adult teeth

  • retained baby tooth

  • breakdown & decay underneath of old amalgams


  • single implants to replace extracted teeth & baby tooth

  • implant bridge to replace missing teeth

  • gold inlays to replace old fillings

  • porcelain inlay to replace old amalgam

  • composites to fix decay

Broken teeth, extracted molar, baby molar


Implants, bridge, inlays, composites



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