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Crowns & Bridges


Crowns, sometimes known as 'caps', are restorations that provide full-coverage protection of a tooth.  As a result, crowns restore the integrity, maintain the function and can be used to enhance a smile.

If a tooth is too heavily filled, it can become severely weak and susceptible to suddenly breaking - something all too familiar that happens during the weekend or on public holidays.

Darkened front tooth after root canal treatment


Zirconia crown to mask front tooth discolouration


Discoloured filling on peg shaped lateral incisor


Porcelain crown to replace discoloured composite buildup



As its name suggests, bridges are used to replace teeth which are missing or have been extracted - 'bridging the gap'.  They are excellent solutions which do not require removal to clean after a meal or taking out when we go to sleep at night.

Throw away those dentures!  Bridges provide an aesthetic fixed replacement, by connecting two or more crowns on adjacent teeth, which are used as natural anchors.

Lower front tooth lost due to root fracture


Maryland bridge to replace extracted lower front tooth


Conventional Bridge (Before).jpg


Conventional Bridge (After).jpg


Ever thought about tossing away your denture?  Or just having something solid to chew with?  

Our team can offer a thorough assessment of your needs, in our integrated approach to planning for our patients.


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