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Porcelain Veneers

Ever wondered why smiles in Hollywood or influencers on Instagram look so straight and white?  It could be that they have had some porcelain veneers placed by a cosmetic dentist.  You can get that perfect smile that you have always wanted.

Porcelain veneers are facings that are bonded to the surface of a tooth.  They are:

  • long-lasting

  • will not fade in colour

  • can be incredibly natural and life-like

Porcelain veneers may be the treatment of choice for the following conditions:

  • minor rotations of natural teeth

  • chipped or fractured teeth related to trauma

  • hypoplastic teeth or genetic tooth discolouration

  • antibiotic or tetracycline staining

Composite Veneers

Have you ever thought about making your teeth straighter without braces?  Or wanted to cover over a discoloured tooth that makes you self-conscious every time you smile?  It is possible! - composite veneers may be your solution.

Diastema or gap or space of upper midline


Space closure after composite veneer


Composite veneers are extensive hard plastic restorations that are attached to the surface of a tooth.  They are long-wearing, provide excellent colour matching and are a good cost-effective alternative to porcelain.

Incorrect shape and dimensions of upper front teeth


Upper front tooth shape correction with composite



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