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Take-Home Whitening

It is well-known:  first thing we notice when we meet someone, is their eyes.  The second facial feature we get drawn to, is their smile.

Whitening is a simple way to rejuvenate your smile.  A smile can look tired over time due to smoking, coffee, tea, or red wine.  You may have had medications that stain teeth when growing up, or they are genetically have darker.

Before tooth whitening


After tooth whitening


We can help.  Just ask us how.

In-Chair Whitening

We completely understand if it is difficult to not have tea or coffee for up to 2 weeks.  Or maybe you are time poor and just want to get your teeth whiter during your lunch break.

In-chair teeth whitening may be the optimal solution to get that smile you want, faster.  As used by the clients of the hit US-series Extreme Makeover, a LED light is utilised to activate and speed up the whitening process.

See immediate results in 1 hour.

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