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Dental Implants

Front Teeth

Lost a front incisor due to trauma?  Or genetically missing a tooth?  Implants are well-researched, very common in today's society and may be your best natural-looking tooth replacement. 

Loss of several front teeth from trauma


Implants to replace two front teeth


Disclaimer: not all implants provide the same cosmetic result.  It depends on a blend of gum & tooth aesthetics, which invariably depends on the skill of the surgeon & the expertise of the dentist.

Lost tooth due to root fracture


Implant replacement for damaged upper front central tooth


As with any surgical procedure, there are possible risks and complications that every patient should consider - a second opinion from an experienced dentist may be required.  Confused?  You're not alone - we can help.

Back Teeth

When we lose a tooth, it is like losing an organ, a part of our body.  Sometimes, this is beyond our control.  Implants are a predictable permanent solution to replacing extracted molars.

A titanium fixture is anchored into the maxilla or mandible.  After a healing period of 10-12 weeks, a tooth-coloured molar returns your bite to as close as to the original tooth.

extracted or missing teeth


implant bridge / crowns


Missing back teeth after failed fillings


Implant tooth replacements for back teeth


Ever thought about tossing away your denture?  Or just having something solid to chew with?  Our team can offer an thorough assessment of your needs, in our integrated approach to planning for our patient.


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