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Question & Answers

Q.  “What is the difference between Surrey Hills Dental Centre and other dental practices?”
A.    Surrey Hills Dental Centre prides itself on quality of care and doing what is in the best interests for the patient and the longevity of the tooth.  We take our time to explain your dental conditions, the cause of those issues and during your treatment to conserve good tooth structure.  We also use rubber dam during our procedures to maximise the life expectancy of your restorations (fillings).  So ask yourself:  does my dentist use rubber dam?

Q.  “How do I know how much out-of-pocket I will be, for the appointment?”
A.    This depends on the diagnosis and treatment plan.  Patients are quoted before the start of any treatment.  If you have private dental health insurance, it is difficult to know exactly how much out-of-pocket, because there are numerous insurance companies & different levels of cover.  Patients do receive a personalised treatment plan, which details the anticipated cost, tooth numbers, surfaces and item numbers, if they would like to inquire about the expected rebate.

Q.  “Why does the cost of crowns vary between practices?”
A.    At Surrey Hills Dental Centre, we use only the very best materials and local ceramists.  Some other practices may send work to be completely fabricated overseas.  This is something that patients may need to clarify with their dentist.  In fact, depending on the type of crown, there is a 5-year warranty on the underlying substructure at Surrey Hills Dental Centre.  Don't gamble for perhaps substandard work - demand the VERY BEST!  


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