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Extreme Makeover

Bad / Collapsed Bite

Extreme Makeover
Patient C

Patient C has always wanted a nice smile because she loves a good laugh. However, she has had dental problems for most of her life. The situation has suddenly become worse, after she breaks a front tooth when chewing something soft.


  • root fracture of front tooth

  • bad / collapsed bite

  • crooked teeth

  • tetracycline staining & darkness from old root filled tooth

  • discolouration of existing fillings

  • breakdown of other heavily-filled teeth

  • uneven gum levels


  • orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct bite & align teeth

  • bridge to replace extracted front tooth

  • crowns to reinforce heavily-filled teeth

Root fracture, bad bite, discoloured and broken down teeth and fillings, uneven gums


Orthodontic bite correction, tooth alignment, upper front bridge, zirconia crowns


Patient P

Patient P knew that he 'did not have the greatest teeth in the world' but he did not have many concerns until he chipped his front teeth once more.  Sick of filling and refilling time and again, he could have continued down this path.  Instead, he chose to take a long-term different approach.


  • movement of adjacent teeth into extracted areas

  • bad / collapsed bite

  • severe tooth abrasion / wear

  • breakdown & discolouration of old fillings

  • chipping of enamel near the gums


  • orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct bite

  • bridges to replace missing teeth

  • composites to replace worn enamel






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